We have been lulled into a deep sleep
Indoctrinated into a mindset that resembles hypnosis

The takedown of humanity is happening right before our eyes
A total assault on human physiology

It all started with a 5th dimensional invasion
That put an end to our former advanced civilizations
And siphoned off energy for off world entities

Now instead of free energy we have a belief in a spinning globe with finite resources

If you open the spinning globe up into a stationary plane
Many beautiful lands and unexplored continents will appear
Which have been deleted on the globe

Now we have no fly zones and high security around Antarctica and the North Pole
They want us to stay on the plantation

The reason all compasses point north is because of the magnetic pole
That was lit up in former times in a brilliant white

In religious terms it was the Holy Ghost
Now it is the Dark Tower

There is no south pole

Our DNA or cellular alphabet has been scrambled and unplugged
We have been disconnected from source energy

As a response to this period of high plasma influx
We have been sprayed with poisons and nano technology

There is contamination everywhere
The most prevalent toxin in our body is nano aluminum

The sun is a conscious rotating portal
Bringing in plasma energy from higher dimensions

To prevent this the atmosphere has been inundated with aerial spraying
Polymer fibers and plastic particles are now in all living organisms

Graphene and barium is being rained down upon us
To create an albedo environment

The insect population is down 80 percent
Microbes in the soil which are essential for plant growth are being killed

Light scattering particles effect photosynthesis
And the soil Ph is being changed

Aluminum is toxic to all life
Yet it is being sprayed everywhere

The populations of bees and other pollinators are way down
Because they are full of aluminum

When nano aluminum lodges in our body it goes into our mitochondria
It then resonates with Wifi and destroys our DNA
And suppresses our immune system

Mind controlled humans go out and spray their yard
Because they think that is what they are supposed to do

This is the engineered collapse of our biosphere
Many companies are contracted for geo engineering

As the ozone layer is being destroyed
Ultraviolet radiation seeps through
Which prevents ocean evaporation and destroys moisture in the air

Ultraviolet is the last spectra before x rays

Nano aluminum is a powerful desiccant
It absorbs moisture and reduces atmospheric humidity
Derailing the hydraulic cycle

Normal weather is a thing of the past
Our biosphere is under attack

We still have the potential to bring in higher energies
We can instill harmony to the earth
And override planned catastrophes and timelines

We can halt the madness of climate engineering operations
By bringing back the higher vibrations of the former times!