Religion is based on a forgotten history
That has been intentionally erased and replaced

The Book of Revelation is a symbolic interpretation
Of these astronomical events
And through manufactured cataclysmic occurrences
Will be said to be fulfilled
To keep people in an artificial reality

This forgotten history is contained in myth
In which the planets were considered gods
Because they loomed large
And hovered nearby

The Greek Chronos who is Saturn organized his cosmos
As did the Hebrew Elohim who is also Saturn
In 7 days and rested
Why would a god need to rest

When Buddha appeared he took 7 steps outward and rested

The Hebrew word translated as day
Can also mean circle or ring

Even today the rings of Saturn
Are organized into 7 groups of rings

The number 7 is used 735 times in the Bible
54 times in Revelation

7 seals 7 churches 7 trumpets 7 vials 7 woes 7 angels 7 thunders
7 plagues 7 glories 7 blessings 7 deadly sins 7 heavens

7 encirclements around the walls of Jericho

The North American totem pole
Is usually divided into 7 divisions

33 was the number of plasma toruses in the universal axis
In myth it was a rope ladder or the backbone of the sky

33 levels of the backbone of the world
Atlas had 33 vertebrae

There are 33 permutations on the Tree of Life

Jesus lived 33 years and did 33 miracles
David reigned 33 years
Jacob and Leah had 33 children

33 degrees of enlightenment
33 divinations of the Rig Veda
33 steps of Ahura Mazda
33 is the supreme glory

In Buddhism there are 33 transformations needed
In order to reach enlightenment

In Islam there are 33 angels that carry praise to heaven

33 degrees Fahrenheit is when ice melts
In Free Masonry 33 is the degree when one is enlightened

Humans have 33 backbones

When we incarnate into this 3 dimensional electromagnetic domain
We are imprinted with the holographic template
Of the Universal Tree of Life
And are made in the original image

Thus our collective consciousness and body
Are reflective mirrors of the crystalline matrix!