Our creative energy built our reality

The purpose of music was originally to bring everyone into harmony

Organ music used to heal
It organized energy
And brought healing energy to our organs
Which are our energy centers

When we think beautiful thoughts
When we feel the presence of peace love and health
We can transmit that energy

Matter is made up of atomic particles
Our mind emits photons
Which can result in mind over matter

Je Sais Aimee
Means I know how to love

Venus was the Goddess of Love
Venus the Virgin or Virgo
The Holy Virgin Mother of the Christ Child or Mars

Venus was born in the Rings of Chaos
Of The Endless One or Ein Sof who was Saturn

They were the Rings of Chaos
Because of the conflagration of plasma and gases that arose from them

The Illumined Ones or Illuminati
Were the brightest orbs or the most shining and apparent moons in the Rings of Chaos

They are at the top of the Satanic Pyramid
Satan was the alter ego of Saturn
And the Satanic Pyramid was the Tree of Life with a trapezoid appearance

They are the top level freemasons
Who can now spy on us through the cameras and sound recorders
In all LED street lights

LED streetlights have wavelengths that will penetrate our body
And together with their blue phosphorous interiors
Will promote poisons and cause cancer to proliferate
By disintegrating your cells

Cell phones will also damage cells
That is why they are called cell phones

The cure for the Spanish Flu Polio AIDS and now the Corona Virus
Is what has killed people

Pfizer made 37 billion dollars in 2021
On a vaccine which will kill people
They are expecting their new killer drug Pax Ovil
To generate over 100 billion dollars of revenue in 2022

They payout hundreds of millions of dollars to the FDA
To approve their drugs and vaccines

Johnson and Johnson spiked their talc powder with asbestos
And grinds up aborted babies for their baby powder

The Illuminati have put their plans in motion
Plans which they have been carefully preparing for over 100 years

They will succeed if the Sheeple obey orders
And it will go down in history as the Great Tribulation
Of the years 2017-2024

The 7 years prophesized in Revelation
Which they wrote!