The University of Idaho has a unique appellation
The Idaho Vandals

They were named the Vandals
Not because early basketball teams were adept at stealing the ball
But because of the Vandals of Eri Andu

Which has a mysterious Masonic meaning of dark energy
Being recycled back into the void

Colleges are run by Jesuits who partake in freemasonry

The Air Soph Aur was the holy flame
That first emanated from Eloah who is Saturn

When the flame separated into nine distinct rays
It became The Nine Unknown Men
That were before The Seven
Which were the seven rings around Saturn

The first act of God is the Tzintzun
It is the withdrawal of God that created an empty space
Which is the void between Saturn and its system of rings

It is in the rings or Creatrix Field
Where Venus first appeared
Venus was originally The Star of Eridu

The outer dark rings were The Abyss or Sheol
The dead zones of unmanifested potential

This is where Mars traveled through after it appeared to die
But after 3 days and 3 nights
When it brightened again it was reborn

There was a vortex flowing from Venus
Called the Aqua Portal

Venus sent out her divine nature
Or eternal living light into the void

This is the Obi Sedum
That got recycled back into the void

As it entered the void it became dark
This is the dark energy of the Star of Eridu
Eridu is Eri Andu

The Vandal is the dark energy overtaking the void

As the Jesuits increased in power
And infiltrated the religious political and educational systems
They referred to themselves
As the Vandals of Eri Andu

The phrase Go Vandals
Has another meaning for them!