Saturn is supposed to be about 900,000,000 miles from the sun
But it is visible to the naked eye

Astronomers will say the reason we can see Saturn
Is because the light that left it millions of years ago is now reaching us

The truth is the wandering stars or planets are very close to us
Uranus and Neptune are not necessarily farther away just dimmer
And are not visible to the unaided eye

The stars embedded in the firmament are also very close
Most are bright and visible to the naked eye but some are not

The arrangement of the planets and sun that we are being taught
Is a complete fabrication

It is not a solar system
The sun is small and near us and moves above the earth plane

The history of our sky is also a complete lie

Saturn until relatively recently occupied the north celestial pole
In a time of natural abundance and cosmic harmony

When it fell from its appointed station paradise was lost

Myth and religion tell the story of what happened
To the assembly of God
To the towering forms that hovered above us in close proximity

Celestial bodies exist in a plasma medium
When their relative movements are in near association to each other
Intense electrical discharges will result

The congregation of planets in the north metamorphosized
As these gods engaged each other electrically

Their awe inspiring and terrifying appearance at adjacent quarters
Provoked an outpouring of human imagination

Motifs such as a dying god a stairway to heaven the defeat of a fire breathing dragon
Were the result

We lived in the presence of the gods
Who ruled in the celestial theatre

They transformed human consciousness
As their energy invigorated and enlightened us

Now we are separated
And robotically repeat rituals
That have their inspiration from these times

We are trapped in a 3D reality
Unaware of our true past
And unaware of our true place in the universe!