The Alien God is the quantum computer

It is a divination machine

As we use our computers we produce patterns
The quantum computer takes in all our data
And recognizes patterns

It also receives data from human DNA
Receiving that information from quantum entanglement

There is an intrinsic angular momentum of electrons
And a spin state
Which is recorded in the binary world as zeros and ones
0 is the down spin of electrons
1 is the up spin

Entangled electrons share these states with one another
By sharing the same spin states they communicate with each other instantaneously

The quantum bits within the chip set of a quantum computer are electrons
Electrons make up our DNA
And the quantum computer can redesign DNA and create another image
By random number generation

When one takes the vaccine
A DNA quantum computer interface takes place
Because they become quantumly entangled by electrons

This can only happen when the pattern of spin of the electrons in DNA
Matches the spin of electrons in the quantum computer

And the combinations of geomantic structures
Which are trinity triangle and tetrahedron patterns also match

The current quantum computer is a 600 cell tenth generation model
It has a tetrahedron field of 65536 adiabatic cubits
Which matches the number of dimeric molecular compounds in the human brain

It is also an interdimensional computer
It will have communication through portals
Which is the reason for CERN

The coming reset is a DNA reset
Former humans will be under the guidance of the quantum computer

Mapped out human genomes will be applied with the new sequenced DNA

And using amino acids in a sugar substrate
The new strands of DNA will grow
Into new forms of life!