Famous people are always cloned
They are carbon copies born in a test tube
A womb with a view

Comedian Steve Martin is a clone of John Fogerty
The lead singer of the 60s rock group Creedence Clearwater Revival

If you see a person with their clone they are beside themselves
And you will have double vision

Sometimes a secret clone is made
To take over the life of a real person
They are called an Orphan Black
The real person is killed

Celebrities never really die because they are genetically copied
These cloned celebrities are called Gophers
They have handlers who constantly watch them
Controlled clones are put int prison for upgrades

Many times clones of the same person have a different stage act to perform
White House spokesperson Jen Psaki and Mark Zuckerberg are clones of the same person

They are forced to participate in rituals
And become addicted to adrenochrome

Rituals take place at night
When the magnetic field is most stable
The solar wind is a drift current which makes interdimensional connection
To the lower 4th dimension more difficult

Reptilians need the life force of the sacrificed victim to stay in our dimension
Rituals which means red take place on vortex points

The word whore comes from the word harlot which was a sacrificial priestess

The terror and horror is purposely heightened
The energy enters the ley lines and affects the magnetic field

The resulting lower vibrational frequencies affect human thought and emotion

The end of the game is the plasma regeneration
Lying and deceit will become easily detectable

But they are trying to manifest a 1st apocalypse
To keep humans from ascending

We have magnetic magic
Our blood has liquid iron which attracts the vibrational charge we send out

What we put out will be imprinted in the quantum field
And will come back to us

Put out positive compassionate thoughts
Imagine positive outcomes
Do positive heartfelt acts of kindness and philanthropy

Resonate the truth
Manifest a positive reality!