The 1859 Carrington Event which is blamed on a solar storm
Was a magnetic field shift by alien technology

The cosmic axis was temporarily freed to move plasma down to our earth plane
People experienced psychic abilities

This is why the aurora or northern lights was seen in Hawaii

The northern lights are magical
They are divine energy infiltrating our realm
They are opalescent fields of beautiful green tapestries

By controlling the rotation of electrons
Bi wave particle spin energy is forced disproportionally to an intended source
Cutting off our natural tri wave life source
That flowed down in abundance in former ages

They flowed from the Cosmic Father and Cosmic Mother who were Saturn and Venus
And emanated consciousness fields which nourished all life forms
Even to the point of having no need of food

Some ET groups consider themselves in all ways superior to humans
And have deemed themselves our overlords
Slowly mutating us into easily controllable objects

The Giza Pyramids were our 4D stargate astral center
The so called Ark of the Covenant was in the Kings Chamber
And served as a portal or transport station

The pyramids were also massive power generators
Drawing out earth energy for our health and well being

As we were invaded the Ark was taken out and used as a weapon
The pyramids were disconnected from the frequency channels
And we are now taught the Theory of Evolution

We are in the process of being given bar codes
So that we can obtain food to survive

And being watched 24/7 by a quantum computer
That has a million times more computational ability than our laptops

We are moving within an AI induced illusion
A quantum synthetic reality with artificial omnipresence
Calling itself the New World Order
And presenting itself as helpful technology

Our dimension of time has been altered

5D low density entities are being brought here by CERN and D Wave

Humanity does not stand alone in the midst of the spiritual warfare
Happening on our plane

When you see the symbol of the tip of the spear
It means our defenses are being penetrated

5G is the core of the Beast system
It will be activated at a certain frequency to bring down the grid
Including the financial system
Which will be blamed on a cyber attack from hackers
And will usher in the digital currency system controlled by AI

And a fake asteroid will hit the Giza pyramids
In the ongoing attempt to erase our former world and way of life!