When the impossible morphs into the achievable
You soar into a domain of magic wonder and serendipity

When celestial energy mixes with physical reality
The spirit realizes its boundless potential and dreams take flight

The humming of the celestial choir becomes your radiant energy
And the music of the spheres stirs you to a higher purpose

You transform into a spiritual warrior attuned to the divine
And a beacon that guides souls into realms of heightened consciousness

You constantly seek the illumination of the light
And pursue the holy sacrament of knowledge offered in its gleaming hallowed halls

You are propelled toward spaces where miracles are not rarities
And any dalliance with the shadow of doubt is no more than a fleeting moment

The unseen gradually reveals itself and comes alive
Numbers appear that are activation codes and energy gateways

As you evolve into the dream version of yourself
And dwell in your ideal state of consciousness
You hand the reins of your emotions to your true desires

When you tap into excitement you become a powerful vibe
You let go of lower emotions
And your dynamical expression releases emotional blockages which energizes your soul

Create conditions that are joy inducing
Celebrate the possibilities
Appreciate your sexuality

You are an amazing work of art
And with a few more brush strokes
Will be a masterpiece!