In 1859 a solar flare purportedly hit the Earth. It is called the Carrington Event because of the British astronomer whom it is claimed first witnessed it in his telescope. The story goes he noted the sky was at first clear blue then as the sun came into view he saw a group of large sunspots. Two lights emerged and within a couple hours the Earth’s atmosphere began to gleam.
As the sky illuminated, crowds gathered everywhere to watch the spectacle with admiration and concern. The sky had the appearance of a brilliant deep crimson, violet or scarlet color which then turned to blood red. Other colors such as green, orange, yellow, and white became visible too. The Earth took on a strange glow.
Any outburst from the sun will result in an excessive flow of protons swarming through the North Pole which is really the Center Pole. Thus the reason for the Aurora Borealis. The sun which is a lot smaller and closer than depicted in so-called science, revolves around this stream of highly charged particles.
During a solar storm the Center Pole will be greatly affected due to the attraction from the celestial electrical current and will light-up like a bright conflagration.
As these charged particles hit the various gaseous elements in the atmosphere different colors will emerge.
The Aurora Australis is caused by energetic particles that are directed out towards the far reaches of the plasma dome above our flat earth.
During the Carrington Event rushing sounds were heard in the air. Presumably because of onrushing electrons. Telegraph operations were knocked out. Wires sparked and hissed and people were electrocuted.
Verses from Revelations about the sky being ablaze were quoted and there was concern about it being the end of the world.
But within an hour or two it all began to diminish.
What really caused the solar flare? Could it be that an energy weapon was directed at the sun?
The mid 1800’s was a time of apocryphal events. For instance, Southern California was flooded for 6 months.
The ruined cities of the South with their brick and stone buildings being incinerated could not be the result of fire or cannon shot during the Civil War.
Was the Civil war greatly exaggerated so as to place blame for the devastation of energy weapons on the effects of war.
Intense energy technology has been around for hundreds of years.
In medieval times (not thousands of years ago) Mohenjo Daro in India as well as the whole Indus Valley was reduced to ashes. there are fossilized remains of people holding hands, looking upward and bracing themselves as they huddled together.
At the Battle of Fredericksburg on December 14,1862 in what is known as the Civil War Aurora darting rays together with the sounds of snapping and crackling occurred during the night amidst a yellow and red sky. The whole scene was especially eerie as the fallen dead lay next to the Rappahannock River the largest in the Eastern USA.
In 1972 during the fake Apollo missions an extremely large solar outburst discharged which would have fried the fictitious little aluminum Apollo 16 spacecraft.
In 1989 the 3 day blackout in Quebec, Canada in the Province of Ontario was blamed on a moderate solar flare.
In 2003 a solar flare that was said to be off the charts and described as giving Earth a glancing blow occurred. It was said to damage satellites and disrupt mobile phones. Satellites are bogus because the earth is not a globe.
In 2012 the lies continues as an immense flare was reported to have barely missed the Earth. It warned that computers, cell phones, appliances and automobiles would have been rendered inoperable.
A pattern is established that catastrophic events are being blamed on natural circumstances. But what is not said is that these natural catastrophes are caused by energy weapons. And this has been occurring down through the ages.