In 1859 a solar flare occurred which hit the Earth. It is called the Carrington Event because of the British astronomer who witnessed it in his telescope. He noted the sky was at first clear blue then as the sun came into view he saw a group of large sunspots. Two lights emerged and within a couple hours the Earth’s atmosphere began to gleam. The sky soon illuminated and crowds gathered everywhere to watch the spectacle with admiration and concern. The sky had the appearance of a brilliant deep crimson or violet or scarlet then turning to blood red. Other colors such as green, orange , yellow, and white became visible too. The Earth took on a strange glow.

When the sun discharges in such dramatic form an excessive flow of charged particles swarm through the our poles. The Earth is electrically connected to the sun by an electrical current coursing through it – entering and departing at the polar regions. Thus the reason for the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis. As these charged particles hit various gaseous elements in our atmosphere different colors will emerge. During a solar storm the Poles will be affected first – becoming lit up like a bright conflagration.

During the Carrington Event telegraph operations were knocked out all over the world – the wires sparking and hissing and electrocuting people. Rushing sounds were heard in the air because of the onrushing electrons. Verses from Revelations about the sky being ablaze were quoted as well as ones concerning the end of the world. But within an hour or two it all began to diminish.

An immense flare erupted from the sun in 2012 but missed the Earth. If it would have hit – it would have widespread effects on todays society. All electrical operations would stop. Computers, phones, appliances even cars would be rendered inoperable. Traffic would cease and food distribution would come to a halt. When people get hungry morals go by the wayside and laws become meaningless.

Another huge flare in 2003 that was “off the charts” gave Earth a glancing blow damaging satellites and disrupting mobile phones.

In 1989 a moderate solar flare hit  and caused a three day blackout in Quebec.

During Apollo 16 in 1972 an extremely large solar outburst discharged from the sun.  If these Apollo missions were real the astronauts would have been fried.

On Dec. 14, 1862 what is known as the Civil War Aurora occurred on the second evening of the Battle of Fredericksburg. During the night amidst a yellow and red sky there were darting rays and sounds of snapping and crackling. A field of frozen dead near the Rappahannock River – the largest free flowing river in the Eastern USA – made the whole scene especially eerie.

In remote history at Mohenjo Daro – an ancient city in the Indus Valley in India there are the fossilized remains of people holding hands looking upward. They along with a vast portion of the cities in the Indus Valley were the victims of a Solar Flare. This one was obviously more intense and caused widespread death. It did not come from our present sun but from our “First Sun” our “True Sun” which was the brown dwarf star Saturn placed in closed proximity in our Northern sky. Saturn was a stationary sun and had repeated outbursts. The axis mundi – the mythological one leg of the sun god Yahweh – was nothing more than a stream of electrical current emanating from Saturn.

Not to go into detail why but I predict a two year period of solar outpourings. In 2065 and 2066. Maybe it will be like God dealing with the overpopulation of humans. In essence fending off an outbreak of “harmful bacteria”.