The veil of dark ignorance is being lifted
And an accurate life perception is being attained

Our spiritualism is based upon our genetics
And upon the choices we make
While navigating this holographic matrix

Pathways have opened up
Leading directly into the highest sovereign realities

As a result of higher harmonic layers
Our entire universal time matrix is shifting

Significant impacts to the entire energy current system
Is making architectural corrections to the fallen timelines
Such as the identities that were lost during the Atlantean cataclysm

Our pineal gland is our natural energetic antennae and energy receiver
It is highly responsive to ultraviolet and violet frequencies
It is being stimulated
And is sending signals to the hypothalamus
In the center of our brain

Our heart brain consciousness is now expressing
The new source field connection

Sound codes of sonic pulse patterns
And energy placements in frequency spectrums
Are transmitting into the crystal core of the earth

Dark beings are losing their power
To control the manifestations of artificial timelines

Rogue entities are no longer exempt
From answering to the natural laws of our realm

Hostile forces though are about to wreak surface destruction
Division and violence will be incited

Brainwashed cronies of the power elite
Will enforce tyrannical laws

Through manufactured disasters and organized destruction
Human suffering will be maximized

The end game is to subjugate the citizenry
To the central power center

The time is at hand
To organize ourselves into the new energy platform
To send out ascension waves
To discard lower energy patterns

And experience unity as a consciousness
Rather than a concept!