I have done a lot of hiking in the Pacific Northwest
And at every mountaintop I have been on or near to
The earth is a flat plane in all directions

If the earth was a globe 25000 miles in circumference
Then it should curve 6 feet every mile

But the rate of curvature should exponentially increase
To the point where at 60 miles other towering landmarks should disappear out of view
As they are going down the curve of the earth
But that never happens

It is called sea level because water does not curve
The non existent gravity that is supposed to hold multiple billions of tons of water in place on the spinning earth ball
Should not at the same time allow a butterfly to flutter upwards

Because the heavenly orbs appear spherical
Does not mean we are walking on a sphere
NASA photos are all computer graphic illustrations and not real photos

The heavenly orbs are vibrating plasma
They are the cells of the universe
That at intervals reorganize themselves

Diana the lofty goddess above
Moves to the sounds of Bacchus in love

A bashful virgin with a fearful heart and delightful dances
Parades herself to perspective lovers as she advances

The ornaments in the sky are ablaze
And the glories of the gods attract our gaze

The daughter of Phoebus cannot be shaken
From her path that she has undertaken!