Freemasons are operating at full mode
Building energy and directing it through deception

Our world was invaded long ago
And gradually overthrown

The written history of these events have been erased
They still exist in twisted religious symbolism

They remain in our cellular memory as unhealed trauma
And will surface when egoic sub personalities arise

When the ego mind feels betrayed
Walls of separation will occur

Traumatized sub personalities will fragment the soul

This prewritten staged fake war will induce victim victimizer programming

Rage vengeance and wrath are generated
As coping mechanisms to deal with the perceived harsh world

Spirits of the same consciousness energy are attracted
These predator forces go to work implementing a reign of terror

Accumulated pain from past lives is reinforced

Ignorance and disconnection results in mind control
And spiritual bondage to predator forces
Who build in us a self induced enslavement program

The reptilian deception is designed
To create an internal energetic structure
That allows Archonic demons to have a free for all in our world

Australia is in a serious lockdown
Unless one is double jabbed they cannot go out
But the double jabbed should not go near the unvaccinated
So what good is the jab if it does not protect you

And a double jabbed person can only be with 5 other double jabbers at the max

Also they can go to church but they cannot sing

We need to have a mask on to go inside a building
But can take it off once we are inside

These laws are idiocrasy at its finest
One must question the sanity of reasoning that is going on

A person with an IQ of 50 or even less should realize
These laws make no sense

They are creating a false reality
Which we perceive as reality

We are processing reality through the self deceiving lens of a damaged ego
Of a sub personality resulting from a fragmented soul

Humans are the prey
The stakes are high

And what we are beholding is an illusion!