A recent article in the Los Angeles Times states
Los Angeles prepares for eviction tsunami
As a flood of evictions looms

That is how our subconscious minds are manipulated
By using the words tsunami and flood
It locks them into our belief system and we give them energy for manifestation

Beams of orange light have been seen at night off the big island of Hawaii
It is a direct energy weapon which is igniting the Mauna Loa and Kilauea volcanoes

Viracocha is the Aztec creator god or Saturn
When he holds the 2 lightning bolts he brings wisdom and enlightenment to humans

These are the terminal points on the Rod of Asclepius or Tree of Knowledge
The universal north polar column

This is also seen in the dollar sign

The figure S is the Mayan serpent god Kukulkan
Who winds his way up the Tree of Good and Evil
The 2 rods are the anode and cathode of the dipole at the north pole

God Consciousness will not allow itself to be overtaken
As in the past the sky will open up
And positively charged plasma will pour in

Enlightenment is the plasma influx
Which is also the Word of God

In the previous era Mars was the Son of Saturn or the Son of God
When in the underworld Mars was engulfed in hellish flames of electrified plasma
And became the Devil

The 3 pronged pitchfork was an electrical discharge
His horns were plasma extensions
His tail was a plasma current

The Illuminati uses religion to insert a negative reality of fear
By tapping into our ancient memories

The church is a mind control device
That is promoted by an off world race

The Devil is Lucifer who was Mars that rose up to the Most High Saturn
But was kicked out of heaven by electrical differential not because of rebellion

In the past when energized plasma issued forth
It enlivened the ley lines
Cathedrals or Cathode buildings were built on them

Cathodes gathers and stores positive electricity
People came to them for healing and for enlightenment

A wall was lined with pipe organs
To fine tune the frequencies

When the time comes for God Consciousness to enter our realm with plasma
Negative people and entities must flee for their lives

Ley lines will be restored to their natural flow

And positive people will be fine tuned
With healing frequencies!