You are God
And there is no god outside you

You manipulate the field in the quantum structure by your frequency
The quantum structure is made out of light and sound

When similar vibrations of light and sound vibrate together
They combine and create a plasma

The reality that you project and create
Is in accordance to the vibrational light and sound you produce

The reason you get back what you put out
Is because you are the magnetic structure of the universe

You project a hologram of geometrical patterns
To give yourself an experience of consciousness
Your momentum determines the outcome

Your thoughts emotions and deeds are your vibrational frequency
Non stop positive emotions will propel you into a positive timeline

The timeline you experience is the one you pick from your consciousness
You have to be the vibration of it in order to receive it

True self vibration is from the heart which is the higher structure
Give from the heart and you will be on an ascension process

Whatever you say speak in a positive voice to crystallize it
If you react with negative emotion you will shift into a negative hologram
You have all the power because you are Consciousness

Stay on a pattern of passion
That reality will give you whatever you need

Your passion is your true self which is of higher consciousness
Follow it and create on earth a consciousness that is according to your passion

Others are simply on their own holographic expression
With their own agreements of ascension

When you judge others you will be judged
When you do good to others you will receive good

You are the vibration
You are the universe!