The secret of the universe
Is that the nature of reality is energy

What we see as visible light
Is only a fraction of the light wavelength spectrum

The program driving us is a belief in a world of I cannot
But it is actually a world of I can

Each of us is creating a world that we will be part of
Two timelines are starting to diverge

One is a synthetic world separated from the Source
And in a data stream of AI control

When one passes 50 percent synthetic there is no going back
The reason food was turned into GMO was to put us on that road
It had to be a gradual assimilation or else our bodies could not handle it

Vaccines also have to work slowly
Gradually turning us into synthetics

Our world was domed and chem trailed for the same reason

Eating meat locks you into a low vibrational timeline
It is a slow accumulation into a dense negative structure

We are taught from an early age that it is natural
And people have a hard time thinking otherwise

But eating animals and their secretions
Alters your atomic spin state
And disconnects you spiritually

It is a ritualistic sacrifice
That incorporates suffering

A vegan lifestyle of eating fruits and vegetables
Holds a higher life force
And together with awareness will promote ascension

You will send a strong vibrational signal into the quantum field
And penetrate the matrix

The introduction of pharmaceuticals is also for the dullness of the senses
Pharmaceutical drugs limit your ability for critical thinking
And you will follow the advice of authority figures without question

You are what you put into your body
Garlic borax activated charcoal diatomaceous earth bentonite clay
Will help clear out your body and prevent you from going Borg

And what you believe will provide the mind energy
To keep you connected to the Source!