The Great Seal of the United States
Was adopted as the National Emblem in 1782
After the downfall of the Tartarian empire

On the reverse of the Seal is
Novus Ordo Seclorum
Which means New Order of the Ages

Annuit Coeptis means
Our god has approved our undertakings

E pluribus Unum means
Out of many One

On the front of the Seal
Is an eagle holding 13 arrows on one leg
And an olive branch with 13 leaves on the other leg

There are 13 stars above the eagle
13 olive fruits
13 vertical and horizontal stripes or bars on the eagles shield
And 13 steps on the pyramid

The 13 stars were the 13 prominent bright moons around Saturn

And now also refer to the 13 families
Who are in control behind the scenes

And it also refers to their 13 bloodlines
That were genetically infused into the replacements
That were introduced into America
Following the extinguishing of the Tartarians
By high energy technology

The 13 colonies were the empty cities
That they were introduced in

The god of these elite families is Satan
Who is the alter ego of Saturn
Who is our god
The god of the Old Testament

Saturn developed an evil side
When in periods of plasma discharge instability
Affected our plane in a malevolent way

The stars on the dollar bill form a hexagram
Which puts a hex or spell on you

The financial system is our bloodline

They believe the symbology creates energy

That allows dark entities
To enter this dimension!