In the movie Don’t Look Up
Leonardo DiCaprio plays an astronomer
Who along with his colleagues

Tries to warn the public of a deadly comet approaching earth
But everyone ignores them

On January 3 2021 the discovery of Comet Leonard
Was announced to the public

Comet Leonard is named after Leonardo DiCaprio

On October 25 2022 Comet Leonard will move to the orbit of Jupiter
And will collide with an asteroid in the Jupiter Trojan Asteroid Belt

There will be a big flash in the sky
In the constellation Scorpio

A fragment will appear to head towards earth
Anxiety will mount as attention is focused upon the asteroid

On November 1 the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii will explode
And a subsequent tsunami will hit the western seaboard of the United States

The asteroid now meteorite will fall into the Atlantic Ocean
Iceland volcanoes and the La Palma Volcano in the Canary Islands will erupt
And a tsunami will hit the east coast

The stage is set
The last scenes of the final conflict are now in position

This will be the trigger event to collect massive amounts of loosh
Needed to power up AI virtual realities in the timelines

Loosh is soul spelled backwards
It is the energy produced and released through suffering
Which entities feed upon

The chaotic events are designed to perpetuate
Mass psychological agitation upon earth inhabitants

To deluge us with negative mind control programming
And control the collective consciousness
Through our perception of reality

From our demoralized state
Out of fear and desperation
We will accept the Antichrist
Who will pretend to be a savior

Religion which is also a loosh energy farming operation
Will become a single belief system under the Antichrist
Where worship will be directed towards him

But as more and more are able to see the mass manipulation
And look past the veneer of the 3D controlled narrative

The end game results that is being expected
Will not be achieved!