You are dreaming right now
Your consciousness is being projected by yourself from someplace else

If life is a dream why not enjoy it
Let go of the outcome and have fun

You have the starring role of your dream
Embrace your role

You are an eternal spiritual being learning as much as you can
You add value to the collective role playing

Become what you prefer to be
You can change the script by altering your identity and seeing yourself differently

Reality is flexible and magical
Our outer world is a manifestation of our inner state

Everything is a reflection of the mind
Our beliefs are being reflected back to us

You can transcend your mental pattern and connect with a deeper sense of presence and awareness
Different brain wave patterns allow you to access other states of consciousness

At our core we are Source Energy
But are led to believe we must worship something outside of ourselves which disempowers us

Value freedom connection and relationships
When you put out good energy into the world and have high intentions
The Universe will send you more resources

Love is the ultimate reality
Love is our natural vibration
It allows the Divine to flow through us

Let go of all beliefs holding you back
Otherwise you stay in the past and in a victimhood state

Our reality is based on energy
Everything vibrates at a certain frequency
The energy you are resonating is what you will attract

But when you put something or someone up on a pedestal
You emit needy and desperate energy
And you energetically severe yourself from it

Have a new vision and believe it is happening now
By being in that frequency you will bring it into your life
And experience the actual realization of your goal

What you focus on grows
When you tune into the heart you harmonize your energy

You shift to a potential new reality
Based on the energy you are embodying!