The month of Aviv is the Hebrew first month
The 13th day of Aviv is the original Passover

The Egyptian first month is Thout
The 13th of Thout is a very bad day
It is a day of combat between Horus and Set

The 13th day of the Aztecs first month Olin
Initiated another world age

This is the origin of the belief of the number 13 being unlucky
And of the view of Friday the 13th being unfavorable and unfortunate

In the previous world age as the magnetic influx drew the planets to the north celestial pole
They gathered in a congregation called the Assembly of God

There they exchanged electrical potential portrayed as Wars of the Gods
Horus and Set is the age old theme of Lucifer rebelling against The Most High
Or more precisely Mars and Saturn exchanging electrical discharges

It was a cyclical event of plasma infusion that happens every 2 3 or 4 hundred years
The Mexican Annals of Cuauhtitlan say we are in the 7th sun
The Buddhist Vishuddhi Maggi has a discourse of the 7 suns
The Irish Edda believes we belong to the 7th age

The electrical charge shifted the light spectrum changed to red
Servius wrote non igneo sed sanguineo rubore fuisse
Which means It is not of a flowing but of a bloody reddish

This was the Exodus when the Nile river turned to a blood color

The raining down of plasma was the flaming fire of Psalm 105
And the river of fire of Daniel 7:10

The Kalevala of Finland speak of hailstones of fire
When the sun and the newly installed artificial moon disappeared

The Iranian Anguita describe a 3 day darkness
And according to the Bundahis there was war between the planets and the sun
The sun being our former sun which was Saturn

There were huge mega storms
The Manuscript Torano tells of a worldwide storm created by the god Hurakan
And 5 days of darkness in which the volcanoes erupted

The Vedas and the Persian Avesta
Talk about a deluge of wind accompanied by a thick darkness
The Diluvium Venti

The followers of Zoroastrianism are worshippers of the fire
Which comes out of the ground
It is the magnetic electrical beam which sprang out of the earth at the north pole
In response to the downward movement of electrically charged plasma

This is the place of the Whirlpool of Exodus 15
The account of Hebrew slaves running from the Pharoah and his army
Is a story of fiction but has an underpinning of truth

January 13 of 2023 is on a Friday
There have been 12 Friday the 13th movies
Designed to cause fear and anxiety
Which is exactly what the illuminati needs to bring about their version of the apocalypse

This also could be the 11 3 that has appeared in numerous movies and TV shows
Depicted in some instances as being in the Chinese Year of the Tiger

The Chinese New Year does not start until January 20
Which will then move to the Year of the Rabbit

Do not dwell on the negative
If we have positive higher thoughts
We will bring forth a positive outcome!