The way our simulation is controlled
Is by the implanting of images into our subconscious

This helps mirror the plans of the controlling factions
As our minds project them into reality

In the ending scene of the original Planet of the Apes
The Statue of Liberty is buried along the coastline
As a result of a catastrophic event

The Statue of Liberty
The Empire State Building
The Manhattan Bridge
The Flatiron Building
St. Patricks Cathedral
Are all prominent landmarks in New York City

They are Tartarian
And all have a false history of being built in the late 1800’s or early 1900s

Tartarian buildings that show the ingeniousness of the former era
Have a habit of disappearing
To further lock our minds into a fake history
With false belief systems

St. Patricks Cathedral was built as an energy center
Incorporating celestial symbolism

It is on 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan
It is brick completely wrapped in white marble

A great energy portal is now a rose window

It has 2 huge towers built for the distribution of energy
They are 32 x 32 feet high
Topped with spirals 140 feet high

There are 300 snowflakes each with a different design
That adorn the roof made of slate

There are also flowers leaves and grapes
Forming the Garden of Heaven
That rest in a golden canopy of carved oak

32 slender marble columns 35 feet high
Weighing 7 tons each support the ceiling

2 huge 12 foot carved doors
That are 31 feet high at the archway
Welcome all who enter

2 pipe organs
The Gallery Organ and the Chapel Organ
Have more than 9000 pipes
206 stops
150 ranks
In 10 divisions that vary in size

There is also a third Chancel Organ

The acoustics of the organs produced sound waves
That carried vibrant healing energy
Invigorating the attendees

Giving them a higher vibrational resonance
That attuned them to greater spiritual realities

And sent that energy out of the portal
Into the surrounding area

There are 19 bells in the North Tower
That induced a higher tranquil state

The foundation stone is of blue granite gneiss

There are also 103 large windows
A nave
A sanctuary
An ambulatory
A shrine at the altar
And a statue of Our Lady of New York
Which was emblematic of Venus

There are also gargoyles on the roof

The building covers a whole city block!