On November 8 and 9 there will be another full moon
And another eclipse

The manufactured collision of the asteroid from the made up Jupiter Trojan asteroid belt
With Comet Leanard
Will send a projected meteorite into the Atlantic Ocean

Iceland volcanoes will be set off by directed energy technology
As will the Canary Islands

Another tsunami will follow
Triggered by Poseidon submarines in the deep underwater canyon off of New York Harbor

Images of Kali the Goddess of destruction
Have been put on the Empire State Building

A tidal wave hitting New York City
Was on the 100 dollar bill

America will be put in an economic tailspin
The stock market will collapse

Donald Trump will become the leading spokesman
He will pave the way for the Antichrist
Who will cause everyone to take the Mark of the Beast

The vaccine ingredients triggered by 5G
Will be blamed on a new virus spreading underground

Harsh restrictions will be set in place
Vaccines will be mandatory

Everything will be shut down
And we will be locked into a social credit system
Where we cannot speak freely

The recent fake trial and 4 million dollar fine of Alex Jones
For revealing the Sandy Hook fabrication
Is to scare people from speaking their minds

Brain frequencies will be sent through cell phones
Waves of very low frequencies will make people
Unable to think straight

The future is not set in stone
If the signs in the heavens do not occur
If the volcanoes do not go off

If people rise in unity

Then the planned events will not proceed!