The Bourgha were introduced to the mainstream as the Borg
In the Star Trek series

The Borg are cybernetic organisms
Linked into a hive mind called The Collective

The Borg co opt the technology and knowledge of other alien species
Into The Collective through assimilation

Forcibly transforming individual beings into drones
By injecting nanoprobes into their bodies
And surgically augmenting them with cybernetic components

This AI infection corrupts the organic macrocosmic architecture

Covert technology of reversal polarity current
Is sent through the ley lines
And broadcast into the airwaves

Implanting demon seeds
To grow in the shadow of the human mind

The inner shade of human consciousness gets overrun by high anxiety
And expels itself through rages and outbursts

As humans unwarily absorb this energy
They get used for negative forces

When someone does not care about the consequences of their actions
They give their consent to be used

Taking responsibility for our energy and its direction
Deflects negative forces

Through intent we build up our mental and spiritual structures
Which brings interference to the alien agenda

And portrays our true angelic human nature!