Joel 13:3 says
Thrust in thy sickle
For the harvest is ripe

Pele the soccer star died on 12-29
Which according to esoteric Illuminati numerology could be 3-11
Pele is also the Hawaiian volcano goddess

Times Square is where the New Years ball drops
Chronos who is Saturn is Father Time

Saturn has a cube or square in its southern hemisphere
That is being used to project frequencies for nefarious purposes

In the Illuminati movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show
After they sing Lets do the Time Warp again they all fall down

Trump has made many references to his Manhattan sized Project Warp Speed to vax everyone
Obama on 3-25-14 made a speech about his concern over a Manhattan sized event
3-25 could mean 3-7

The year 2023 is the reverse number of the secret society Skull and Bones
322 represents Skull and Bones

We originally had 12 strands of DNA
Now we have 2 strands each with 22 base pairs

The micro needle array patch which has already been introduced in other countries
Is popular because it is easily self administered

The needles leave a tattoo or mark
It injects Quantum Dots called Luciferase
That will link you to The Cloud and The Blockchain

The Blockchain holds all your personal information
Enabling you to interface directly with the Beast or quantum computer

The link to the Blockchain will also be your immunity passport allowing you to travel
It will also serve as your banking ID
After forecasted banking asset seizures

The micro needle array patch also injects gene editing technology
Giving the recipient another strand of DNA
This synthetic strand will make 3 strands of 22 base pairs or 322

Tattoos have been purposely made to seem trendy

The purpose of all this is to keep you in the negative structure
To prevent ascension through your organic abilities
And lock into a synthetic cyborg existence
Where your loosh or soul energy can be continually harvested

God Consciousness will win in the end
But how everything plays out in your life
Is up to you!