What is worse than Masons waving their wand
Applied signal technology with wireless tissue engineering
Operating with precision navigation and timing from satellites

Resulting in the decoupling of your morphogenetics
And the pulling apart of the golden ratio
Which disconnects you from the Earths resonance

The smart city will be powered by your biofield
Also known as your body area network

As you walk around with your smart phone and smart watch in a smart city
Surrounded by meta materials made with precise shapes and geometries to give them smart properties
You will be penetrated by bio electrical algorithms

That use quasi static communication to convert your body into an altered frequency phase state
To route your neurons
Modulating some and placing others in a neuromorphic chip set
By using millimeter wave satellite technology

Project Pandora involves quantum computing
That stores your consciousness somewhere in Orion
And uses your bodys photons which are cut out of your DNA propagation wave

The military is not here to save you
They are here to obey orders and press buttons

Your local police are just underlings for the CIA
Who want a world as synthetic as Barbie
Where everyones head is buried in a screen

They want to reduce people to prima materia
Rebuild Atlantis with them as leaders
And run around in their red shoes

They want to hack and slash your proteins
And sell them to people who have become chimeras

They want to fire up the flux capacitor in Antarctica
And flip on the Pangea earthquake machine

While they talk to the supercomputer above our heads in 4d
And use us as a frequency sound board

They just want to be a cyborg and live forever
While they play humans like a SIMS game!