Wolfing the sheep
Means soul harvesting

Freemasons have an invisible influence over our world

They control opinions on current issues
Through policies developed and written by them

These viewpoints are sent to their minions in the media
To their puppets in the church
And to their advocates in the government

Instilling blind faith

Turning the public into willing soldiers
Who defend an illusionary cause

Throwing up the horns
Flashing the sixes
Covering an eye
Or creating a pyramid
With the index fingers and thumbs
Like Donald Trump did throughout his presidency
Are signals of membership in the Illuminati

Not only are all Presidents either Freemasons
Or members of the Illuminati
They are also all related to each other

Hollywood is a sub division of the CIA and Military Intelligence
Laurel Canyon Torrance and San Pedro are Intelligence communities

The Kennedys and Bushes are Roosevelts
Who are Rothschilds

Joseph Kennedy owned RKO Studios
Which is a secret Air Force facility in Laurel Canyon
That has produced around 2000 films

It is in direct line of sight of the Tate house on Cielo Drive
Where the Manson murders are supposed to have happened

Paul Tate the father of Sharon Tate was in Military Intelligence
So was the father and uncle of Charles Manson

Many famous people can trace their lineages
To the upper reaches of British peerage

Who are hybrids with Reptilians

And are psychopaths
Like Tom Hanks
Who is a Rockefeller
Who are Rothschilds

And by manipulating our emotions
Through fake facial expressions and body language

They harvest our spiritual imprint and consciousness
Which is our soul energy

Which fans their flames of existence
And increases their power

That is why an idolater of celebrities
Is called a fan!