Every cell in your body
Runs on glycogen or glucose
Which are simple carbohydrates with vital micro nutrients
They are obtained straight from fruits and also starches

Fruit sugar moves easily in and out of the blood
It does not create high blood sugar

Fruit is the most perfect food
And ideally should be the vast majority of the diet

Sailors on a diet without fruit would develop scurvy
So they brought along limes and were called limeys

Meat dairy and eggs should be totally avoided
They are highly acidic and full of cholesterol and saturated fats
Which clogs arteries and veins
And smothers organs and cells causing diabetes and high blood pressure

The intake of animal fat and cholesterol inhibit normal body processes

The consumption of animal muscle and tissue also creates dangerous free radicals
Because animal muscle and tissue is very hard to break down and assimilate into the body

It is also full of parasites worms and harmful bacteria
From the dead carcasses being left lying around

Protein is made by the body when needed
It is made from amino acids
The body also makes about half of the needed amino acids which are called non essential
The other essential amino acids are derived from plants

A vegan on a halfway decent diet will never have to worry about protein
The consumption of extra isolated protein is unneeded and very unhealthy
Because it is hard for the body to process

Animals die a very traumatic death in the slaughterhouse
When you eat them you are consuming the hormones that were produced during their pain and suffering
You are eating trauma which has a negative effect on your psyche and spiritual nature

There is a purpose to your life
Your body is a temple of divine energy

When you eat animals you lower your vibrational sequence
And match negative frequencies
Making it harder to shift to higher potentials

It is obvious we were never meant to eat animals
And we were never meant to harm them

Stop eating beings who want to be your friends!