Juden rats were Jews who ratted on other Jews during WW2
Disclosing their whereabouts

So that they would be hauled off to detainment camps
And after the war be sent to Palestine

Juden rats were given special privileges for their cooperation

In the same way the elite have been rewarded immensely
For being traders to humanity
In their cooperation with non humans

They are used as dark portals
To direct negative energy into the environment
Because they are a frequency match

Bi wave systems are used to disturb the electron and proton spin rates

They hijack the creation code
So that the natural Trinity Wave is much less accessible

Forcing our Merkabah spin rates in a way which inhibits ascension

The Tri Wave restores energy loss
And regenerates with a continual supply of life force

The existing technology is hundreds of years ahead
Of the technology that is shown to us

Electronic devices can lower or elevate mountains
By changing the magnetic field
Through the ionization of the environment
Which is accomplished by changing the number of electrons in the atom

CERN and the Berkley Cyclotron are examples of more recent technology
Able to change the magnetic field

When such a device is concentrated onto an area
Vast sodium chlorides or salts and sulfur nitrates are produced

This is how the Dead Sea was created

The Dead has the lowest elevation on any land mass
Being 1388 feet or 423 meters below sea level

The African Rift Valley was created at the same time as this depression

The concentration of salt in the Dead Sea is so high
That even a few swallows by a swimmer
Destroys the electrolyte balance in the body
And they are poisoned to death with salt

The creation of the Dead Sea happened in concurrence
With the attack on the 13 cities of the plane
Of which Sodom and Gomorrah are the most famous

Both are falsely portrayed in the Old Testament
As deserving of this punishment by an angry god
Because of their wickedness

There are pillars of salt where once was thriving cities

This happened in a much more recent time period
Than what is given in our fake history timetable

Our true history has been covered up
To hide the alien invasion
And the takeover by high energy weaponry!