Each string on a musical instrument has a different vibration
Every vibrational frequency has an energetic pattern

Sub atomic particles merge and change in the quantum field
According to the vibration we project

We trans mutate the sub atomic field producing holograms
Which we shift into creating our experience

If you do not project a structure that vibrates at a 5D scale
You will only have the capability of the 3D vibrational reality

Your power of intention has a frequency and geometric pattern
If your consciousness is not resonating with a high reality
You will not be able to imagine it and shift into it

5D runs in the same simulation as 3D
3D is stained in the negative structure

Negative events will happen if you are a vibrational match
To the frequency of the 3D quantum field construct

What you see depends on what you believe and project
What you project depends on what you do moment to moment

In order to tune into the 5D ascension timeline
You have to project everything from the heart

We are at different levels of consciousness
Even though we coexist on the same plane

We are on different timelines according to the hologram
And rate of ascension we are creating

The lesson we need to learn is its all about how you behave towards others
All abundance comes from the heart energy

When you know the mechanics of the quantum metaphysical 3D design
A new reality will open up for you

When you project higher more potent positive frequencies into the structure
That come from the heart
You can override negative timelines!