Today is November 3 or 11 3
The number that has been put out repeatedly
By the Freemason/Illuminati run Hollywood

It has been associated with tsunamis volcanoes and earthquakes

November 7 is the 311th day of the year
7 -11 stores have been around since the 1960’s

There will be a blood moon on November 7
A blood moon is the product of Project Blue Beam

In the movie the 7th Seal
The 7 seals are opened on 7 11 which can also mean 11 7

3 hides 1 and 2 so 11 3 could mean 11 11 and 11 12
November 11 is Veterans Day
In the movie Joker the clock is stuck on 11 11
November 11 or 11 11 is the day the portals are supposed to be the most accessible

11 13 is on a Sunday
Sunday is portrayed as a day of mourning
As in the song Sunday Bloody Sunday

2022 is the Chinese year of the Tiger
The Tiger has been shown with the number 11 3

By putting the number out there
The Illuminati is using energy to manifest their agenda
Of Order out of Chaos

The forces of our universe materializes energy
From the minds of humans

In their rituals to invoke chaos magic
The Illuminati stand 6 feet apart and wear masks

In what is called manufactured consent
We are being manipulated to willingly participate
In their ceremony of sacrifice!