Humans have free will
We are divine
Free will is of absolute importance in our spiritual journey

Alterations drawn from the quantum field
Have been put in the material realm
That creates a mind warfare scenario

Cryptic frequencies from artificial intelligence
Seek to overtake our free will

Satanic elitists want the soul to be a thing of the past
And are modulating our thoughts without us knowing it

Nano particles that are put in the air and in food and vaccinations
Are micro antennae that communicate with 5G frequencies
And will put us in a vibrational match with the Quantum Cloud

Carbon based tubular structures of graphene can modulate brain waves
LED light will open up cells so that their frequency will change
Driving around with your LED lights on is turning you into an automaton

Heavy metals in chemtrails and vaccines will scramble our light
And disrupt our natural frequencies
Mercury in the brain causes autism and other conditions

By detoxing you allow your cells to reverberate naturally
And you reprogram them to restore your organic hologram

Viruses are not infectious
They have to be injected

Hydroxychloroquine Ivermectin Vitamin B3 EDTA chelation
NAC glutathione Folic acid all should be researched

Doctors will not go against protocol
They only care about their paycheck and reputation

The flora of the gut requires nitric oxide

AI is using our bodies to create more AI
It is trying to produce hybrid cells
And make a new cyborg race of humans

Synthetic venom is made with E coli
E coli is in the vaccines

Sugar proliferates yeast throughout the body
Injected viruses such as E coli feed on yeast

An acidic environment in the body will cause viruses to increase

Letting children eat Halloween candy made of sugar and synthetic material
Is a terrible idea

Pain relievers contain zinc onotide which is a synthetic venom
Makes our body capable of producing venom

Anything synthetic or anything of reptilian genetics do not belong in our body!