In the 2016 movie Warcraft
A good witch becomes evil
And opens up portals for dark forces

Humans are grossly unaware of the fact
That there are extra dimensional beings
Who infiltrate humans

Marina Abramovich is a witch who conjures spirits
She follows directives given to her
So that the Golem or Archons can manifest

She writes: Cut deeply with a sharp knife
Use the middle finger of your left hand
To withdraw the blood

Mix it with sperm and breast milk
Eat the pain of the victim
Just before dark
This will bring the Golem

A Golem is mentioned in Psalms
It is an amorphous entity
Created from inanimate matter

They are also called Jinn
And are portrayed by Gollum in Lord of the Rings

They were created by Reptilians to harass humans
And can enter a human by way of energy blockages

Vaccinations inject viruses into the human body
The polio vaccine had 44 different viruses
And was injected into 98 million Americans

Which resulted in cancer cells
That have been passed down
And spread through sexual intercourse

This has created disease which are energy blockages
And can be used by Golem to siphon our energy
Which is called loosh
Soul spelt backwards

It is a system of abuse in the 5D astral plane
That creates a type of plasma energy
To be absorbed by the Archons
Which they use to grow and gain power

It is a system that has given us a massive spiritual identity crisis
And which we feed through our greed hate and indifference

Our goal needs to be to purge these viruses and energy blockages from our body

And unite or else our world will perish!