Walking along the Santa Monica Beach in my mid 20s
I saw this very beautiful woman in her mid 40s

I said Hi and struck up a conversation
She lived in West Hollywood and to my utter amazement said she was an alien

To further my disbelief she said I was one too
That she could see it in my eyes
Which to her look like 2 blue crystal stars

Each tonality has an implementation in the field
We reprint previous vibrations
And they become sound waves with trajectories of frequency

Potent vibrational sequences can lead us into the 5d reality
Which has a completely different version of ourselves

We shift resonance and the trajectory of our past becomes restructured
Old programs shut down and eventually collapse
More potent vibrations build up that lead to positive outcomes

Every reality is a vibration which is modified by our thoughts emotions and actions
The frequency of the vibration holds a hologram
That gets written on the quantum field

The crystalline activation of our genetic codes begin
Photonic light expresses alchemical unification

As our souls change we become beacons of light
And we utilize our moral compass more vigorously

As we download epiphanic realizations
We immerse ourselves in sacred knowledge

We want to be an instrument of change in the world
And we get a grand initiation into the 5d reality

When I was young and my life was crumbling all around me
I would pray that I could put forth a message of hope and truth

And now I am!