The elite want to turn us into synthetic biological organisms
To be the host for an alternative computational platform

They want to make humans obsolete
And transition us be battery nodes for the Cloud and AI network

It is all being hidden because we would react adversely and reject it
We are being programmed to think of AI as a good thing

Synthetic humans are programmed to influence biological humans
Elon Musk is a synthetic human selling AI and microchips
And the neuro link as positive advancements

One microchip makes you nonhuman
Because your thoughts become controlled

Superheroes and friendly robots are underlying themes
To manipulate you for a desired response

The matrix is the AI machine
It is a quantum matrix with program triggers

What you think is real is not

Kamela Harris has a weird alien neck
Trump Obama and Bidon are all microchipped AI generated clones
So is Putin and North Korean President Kim Jong-un

What is not real they want you to think is real

The White House press conferences take place
In the Culver City movie studios
Owned by Warner Brothers
Everyone who participates is an actor

When Bidon is presented as dead
Kamala Harris will be President and she will appoint Obama as Vice President
It is all a script

The AI alien takeover cannot happen if humans do not believe in the artificial simulation
It will be powerless without synthetic humans who have given up their souls

We can restore the proper quantum field instruction sets with our minds!