322 is the number for the exclusive elite and secret society Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones refers to the Paris catacombs
Which has millions of skulls and bones
Victims of a reset

322 is the date March 22

The Georgia Guidestones were christened on 3-22-80
It pledges to keep the population under 500 million

The Tarot has 22 trump cards
Donald Trump is the Bif character in the movie Back to the Future in real life

The last verse in the Bible is Revelations 22:21
Which ends in Amen
Which means So Be It

But in Latin it means secret or hidden
So the next verse which would be 22:22
Is being kept hidden

22 represents the hidden aspect of death
That cannot be seen until one dies

March 22 is also the National Day of Mourning
It is also World Water Day

Right now the sun is emitting a dangerous amount of gamma rays
Effecting the melanin in our skin

The energy in our realm is being intentionally changed

The moon is an artificial construct of alternating current
That genetically dispositions our hormones
To manifest a certain version of reality on us

Mani is Norse for moon
Luna is Latin for moon

But we have crystals in our brain
That are electric magnetic compasses

And so we are our own god
We create our own world

Our beliefs become real

Fear darkens the mind
The fear of our mortality

Suffering though is important in achieving awakening

And when we remember our past lives
We start to embrace our consciousness and free will

Choose to see the beauty and the truth!