These are the lyrics of the rapper Hopsin
Hopsin is a derivation from his real name Hopson
It means hops in to a new body

A cloned rapper
From bone samples

An artist in prison
To silence their vision

Goes home after
They look different

Eye shifted
Skin lifted

Its scientific

Can’t control you
Get duplicated
To enforce their message

Hopsin is now Gucci Mann

When a rapper wants to be famous
They are offered the opportunity
But it is a bait and switch practice
Of the ruling elite

The original artist is killed
And are replaced by a reptilian possessed clone

The code word jump is when a clone commits suicide
For ascension and immortality
To be a god

The code phrase runaway train
Means selling your soul
And you cannot get out of the contract

Many elite though get continually cloned into new bodies
And spend most of their time on private islands
Ex Vice President Pence is said to be over 800 years old

They have submersible vehicles
That keeps them away from prying eyes

They travel to tunnels that lead to
Underground Atlantic Ocean Harvesting Stations
For child trafficking

Who are used for sexual blood magic rituals
And for soul exchange

Blood sacrifices are offered to off world Draconian entities and their alliances

Those who participate in blood rituals
Are rewarded with vast amounts of power

They become the preferred bloodlines
Who practice gender reversals

Sodomy was introduced in rituals
To reverse the life force flow from its intended direction

These currents that flow through the cosmos are called Typhon Tunnels
And are of the Order of the Tempi Orientis

Also many souls are trapped
By being bound to their cloned version
In an AI timeline!