The geometric program of living light language
Forms into spherical shapes that resemble an apple

It carries the history of human origins
Within a living light hologram

Intelligence streams of living knowledge
Form light rays of silver and gold

Which generates the crystallin lattice
That was seen in former times as the Tree of Knowledge
And forms the basis of the story of Adam and Eve who were Mars and Venus

The silver branches of the Tree of Knowledge
Held the dragon King who was the emerald serpent
That guarded the Holy Father who was Saturn

The Amethyst Dragon ran emerald coding
With the correct trinity ray wave structure and matrix configuration

Constellation patterns transmitted directly into the layers of the Tree of Life
Which transmitted template functions

These sacred luminaries of living knowledge
Produced beautiful celestial music
which could only be embodied by those of a pure crystal heart

When this system was hijacked
Our DNA started to become unplugged

The golden apples became poisoned
And were the forbidden fruit that shrouded humanity with shadows of oppression
In a magnetic reversal network and frequency fences
Of an AI phantom matrix

These inverted currents transmitted entire wave spectrums
Into our original diamond sun blueprint
That governed our natural laws

Saturn now pumps out reversal violet ray plasmas
Which feed the Demon Seed

Our collective life force is being siphoned into alien wormholes

As our organic collective consciousness reality was changed
By advanced AI quantum technology
Individual ego personalities developed
That became dark portal pawns

And the golden apples that contained geomantic Edenic coding
Which were imbued with living light of interconnected energy

Disappeared into the vast unknown
And are relegated to the obscure stories in myth and religion

When the masks come off of the actors
We will no longer be controlled by the false masks of perceived identity
Who spew out destruction by pushing karmic buttons

And we will be free to be ourselves!