To make a volcano
Take about 40 or 50 pounds of sulphur and iron fillings
And bury them a few feet below the surface of the ground

In 10 to 12 hours the ground will swell up
Flames will issue out of the enclosure

From the aperture there will be a scattering
Of yellow and blackish dust

The abundance of sulphur and metallic substances
Are always furnished from the explosion

To provide lightning with it
Insert a tin tube that is much larger on one side
In which there are several holes

Fill the tube with reactive powder
That is mixed with water into a paste

When a volcano is bombed
The bombs are shells of metallic components filled with sulphur

You can create an earthquake he same way
They are not the result of colliding plates

Volcanoes are not natural events
And neither is the shaking and trembling of the ground

There is planned bombing of the LaPalma volcano
It is said it will curtail the flow of magma

Many volcanoes were ancient buildings that have been imploded
Mt Etna and Mt Vesuvius in Italy have structures inside the volcano

In the movie Dr Strangelove
Buildings get turned into mountains

Cart ruts that are engrained into the hard soil
Are the result of vehicles leaving an area in which the ground has been softened

Volcanoes implanted with metal and sulphur
Can be easily ignited with EMF weaponry

This is how the LaPalma and Kilauea volcanoes will be ignited
The tsunamis will be produced by submarines with high frequency energy beams

Each coast of the US will be inundated with huge waves
Blamed on the earthquakes said to be resulting from the volcanoes
And also from the landslides that go into the ocean

This could be in the works later this year
In the attempt to devastate America
And bring in the New World Order!