Celebrities are not who you think they are
Elizabeth Taylor is now Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a clone manufactured in some underground laboratory
Maybe with the inserted consciousness of Elizabeth Taylor
But more probably Taylor Swift is a reptilian in a cloned body of Elizabeth Taylor

Underneath our feet is a world of high technology and staggering impudence
Along with magneto levitron trains built in Krupp Germany that reach Mach 2
There is human trafficking on an unprecedented scale

In the deepest tunnel systems are children who never see the light of day called the mole children
Because of scarce lighting their skin has become translucent
And the pupils of their eyes are very large and distorted

There are lizard people of different Sauro Sapiens races
Who moved underground due to the changed environment on the surface

There are hangars of advanced craft that utilize cloaking technology
The many levels of Area 51 in Nevada is home to the most progressive

Synthetic super soldiers or clones with superior abilities await marching orders
They all look the same and will be the Chinese occupying army

Ghastly genetic experiments are performed
As abductees locked in cages are used for body parts

Alice in Wonderland trauma based mind control programming
Creates multi personality behavior in people referred to as Alters

An altered personality in society is called an Alice
A Black Alice is one who gets continually tortured because of disobedience

They are Monarch slaves with dissociated minds
That try to escape the pain of trauma by becoming someone else

Project Looking Glass programs people in unordinary settings
Where everything can be modified by the handler
And the victim never touches base with reality

The ones at the top are programmed to be pedophiles
And to be indifferent to the sufferings of others
They are put in leadership positions in governments and business

The elite are programmed to put their children in mind control operations
At 3 years old their children are told they will attend a party but are forced to watch sacrifices
And are warned not to talk about it
Or else they will have to endure more treatment!