Los Angeles means the City of Angels
But they are fallen angels

More precisely they are entities
That have entered through portals
That is why they are called stars

You are officially a star
If you get a little golden statue
An Oscar

The home of the Oscars
Is called Babylon Court
Babylon is America

Celebrity status was designed for
Beings from the past
Who now inhabit a different body
To be glorified and worshipped

Serpent Seeds are serpents
Or one that has become a serpent

They draw energy directly from humans
Through star worship

Celebrities are idolized
But they are demons in human suits

Real human stars are being turned to stone
And put on exhibit as statues in museums
Such as the Brooklyn Museum

While a reptilian enters a clone of them
And enjoys star status

This includes any famous person
Such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos

A Shadow Man is a dark soul
Who had a pre existence of a human
But has no light
And is looking for a body to inhabit

The Hollow Earth is a world within a world
Where underground clones called Tethers
Are tethered to a Doppleganger

A reptilian demon will take over
And assume the life of a rising star

And will have clones

While the soul of the human gets locked up
In what is called The Sunken Place

That is the price of being a Star!