There is a fifth dimension
Beyond what is known to humans

It is the Great Beyond
A vast and timeless dimension

It is the summit of our knowledge

And being the middle ground
Between superstition and the unknown
It sparks fear

On July 4 just west of the Yucatan Peninsula
In the Gulf of Mexico
The ocean caught fire

It is a ring of blazing fire
That has torn a portal
Into the fifth dimension

Breaking the fifth wall
Allowing entities to spill out into our reality
Merging them with humans in the same matrix

In the movie Pacific Rim
Alien life called Kaiju
Enter our world from deep beneath the Pacific Ocean
In a portal called The Breach

Cabo San Lucas
San Francisco
And Anchorage
Were the first cities attacked

The movie Independence Day
Also had a 4th of July alien invasion

Ex President Trump mentioned
The Calm before the Storm

He also purposely replaced 9-11 with 7-11
Hinting that 7-11 is a significant date

There are cyber drills scheduled for July
Which might mean a cyber attack

And the monoliths found in different parts of the world
Were signals and vehicles for spirits
To gain entry into this world!