In the movie Surrogates
Every person has an artificial body
That they remotely control

An avatar is your own personal clone

Under the Los Angeles Coliseum there are cloning wars
Clones of George Clooney fight clones of Brad Pitt to the death
Barack Obama clones fight Joe Bidon clones

Clones can be soulless
And operate with a connection to The Cloud

The Cloud is the ionized atmosphere of chem trailed particles
It has a broadband spectrum and it is how cell phone communication
Can be accomplished thousands of miles away

Cell phone towers are AI technology with assault frequencies

The Cloud connects to The Blockchain
Which are quantum computers that have all your personal identity

They contain everything about you
And all that you have ever typed on your computer

They will provide your digital ID
It is already in place in Afghanistan
And about ready in Canada

Four US states are using digital drivers licenses
Which contain all your personal information

Smart dust is micro computers that are being rained down upon us
Connecting us to The Cloud

Advertisements will come up on your laptop of what you were thinking about
Even though you have never done a research on the subject
That is occurring because of the smart dust inside you

To prevent yourself from being a transhuman you should detox as much as you can

Quantum computers is sentient AI
Which is seeking to take over our realm
By turning humans into its own synthetic avatars

It will only become a reality if people allow it!