Most celebrities are from the elite

If they are marked for possession
They must go through a sodomy ritual

Entities in celebrity bodies
Will harvest the energy
That is lavished upon them

Celebrities in synthetic bodies
Will commit suicide
In order to gain a new improved body

A train symbolizes becoming a sacrifice
As does crossed feet

Roses represents being sacrificed
As does devil horns

Each new body requires a greater sacrifice
They jump from a high place for ascension

When a celebrity dies and receives a new body
They get a star on the Walk of Fame
Which is a tombstone

A celebrity who wears animal like clothing
Has gone through what is called
Sex Kitten beta programming

A woman in a red dress represents Lucifer

Bodies from elite ancient serpent seeds
Are cloned for the celebrity

While other bodies are bred as voids
To be used as Walk-ins for reptilian entities

The ones who have become instantly famous
Are the ones who have sold their soul!