The original reptilians
Were forced to live underground

They have created a civilization there
But are in low numbers

They have changed human DNA
Creating hybrids

And run the show on the surface

Humans are their primary food source

They are called Alpha Draconis
And are responsible for at least 31,000 missing children each year

All they need is a suit of flesh
From Clonaid

Clonaid has released advanced clones

A celebrity being in jail
Is symbolic for the transformation

Advanced clones now have a microchipped eye
Like Bill Cosby

Or a microchip in the head
Like Elon Musk and Donald Trump

This suit of flesh is usually possessed by a reptilian serpent

Bill Cosby wears shirts that have the number 204
Which is a clone project of Clonaid

256 is another clone project

His prison time was an upgrade
Against his will

Paul McCartney was cloned at Alcatraz
He is said to have a secret twin brother
His clones are his secret twins

Ronald Reagan was cloned at Alcatraz

So was Jennifer Aniston
Who is a guy

They are required to self sacrifice
In order to return as a famous star

The Resurrection Process
Of transferring consciousness
Into a new clone
Is called Riding the Lightning

The clone of Joe Biden
Said he first got into politics 120 years ago

Our thoughts many times are not our own
But we are radio broadcasting other source thoughts

In the past
Harmonic resonance was used to tune the body

Chemtrail fibers are now in all of us
Maybe nano liquid glutathione is a way to detoxify
It is a substance that your body produces
This supplement is supposed to enhance detoxing ability