We exist in a world surrounded by an unseen world
Which vibrate at frequencies other than the 1 percent
Of our visible light spectrum

In the movie The Predator
The predator is a translucent reptilian serpent creature from another density
Which has invaded our realm

Shadow beings are entities of pure dark matter
Both seek human energy to feed off of
And a human body to possess

You cannot see their infrared light with your eyes
But you sometimes can pick them up with your camera

Nanobots and micro drones flash with infrared light

Different entities have come here for various reasons
Some are here for the end days as observers just to learn
Some have been born into human bodies and are here to help

Our atmosphere has been carpet cloaked with Teflon and ceramic particles
Which have a refractive index that causes objects to become invisible

With the electromagnetic charging of the atmosphere
It is now an ionized cloaking field

It hides a dark fleet called Ceres
Which is similar to the Empire in Star Wars

There are also clandestine craft with serpentine and insectoid creatures
That have nano technology which can gather in the energy signature of an object
And replicate its sequence of matter from photons

The beaming of photonic teleportation of matter is a reality

By creating a hologram and projecting it around themselves they can shapeshift into someone else

Abductions slowly put a person to death
And replace their soul with another consciousness

A transition period of 3 to 7 months is needed
Because reptilian and other beings do not have emotions
And when they are in a human body that gets excited
They do not know how to act

Another form of shapeshifting is when a reptilian in a human body feels human emotions
Their soul will manifest in varying degrees
Sometimes only their serpent eyes are noticeable
Which is why reptilian celebrities frequently wear sunglasses

We now bring these entities into our homes through our scrying mirrors
Which are the black screens on our TV laptop and cell phone
That pulse between .5 and 2.4 hertz

Entities travel through our electrical circuits
Which have conduits in the shape of sigils
Sigils are patterns that draw or conjure principalities

Our devices pulsate frequencies and produce programs
Which hypnotizes our brain and evokes automatic responses

Our reactions then become integrated into social behavior

The future is not written in stone
It is what we project from inside of ourselves

Who we think we are will determine the future!