What you mind is dwelling on is on your way
Our simulated world is built on emotional energy derived from thoughts

There are a vast number of universes
With multiple states of awareness
Even cartoon realities

The original templates in the morphogenetic field projected perfection like conditions
The planetary powers magnified interdimensional energy upon us

We sing of the heavenly daughter of Zeus
The Divine Source who generates in us desire

Whose beauty enchants us with life
Whose splendor instills within us wisdom and meaning

The Charisma of Fortune had a halo or sovereign glory
Which radiated a supernatural force

Oh Inanna your majesty is a shining brilliance
That bursts out from you

The Queen of Heaven had a youthful paramour

May you give your lover a sweet embrace
And a royal throne of kingship

The ever sparkling lady gives me my crown
Her shining splendor is my crown of glory

I am the flower which issues forth in the garden
I blossom in the spirit land of paradise

At my appearance all the gods in heaven tremble
And assemble around me

We can construct new architecture that aligns with our soul
When we express integrity honesty and compassion
We key code our DNA

The DNA quantum field responds to your energy
Build a crystalline bridge to the Aurora Rose
The gold flame of Venus

Apply the laws of the universe to your magnetic field
And you will connect to the Unity
The Source of your being

When we feed negativity
When we promote the suffering of animals by eating them
We energize the instruction codes of victim and victimizer programming

Greed and selfishness takes hold
And you cut yourself off from your higher self

Everyone will get exactly what they choose
Are you ready for your manifestation to come!