Your biofield is a DNA generated body part
And is responsible for the homeostasis of the body

It emanates bio photons from the bone marrow and other areas
And propagates them outward on the waveform of the DNA

Stands for International Electronics and Electric Engineers
They give out jobs in bio photonics that tweak your biofield
Which is the electrical map of your body

They use bio sensers for quantum steering and morphology
They measure the transhumanistic effects
And place the data in a living library
To make a digital twin of you

Access to your body is wide open with no security protocols
You become a marionette between worlds
And your strings are pulled by the whims of the puppeteer

They use fractals with sound that penetrate your cells
And vibrate you cymatically

They taser you and override your body functions
To steal your light photons
Which powers and routes their data systems

They tamper with your DNA
And remote control your neurons

Optogenetics use spectography via electronic warfare
To read monitor and adjust the cells of your body

Optical tweezers uses a laser beam
To hold and move microwaves and nano particles

Bio sensors made from analyte DNA
Grow into RNA and attach themselves to the metal electrodes inside you
And you become wired

DARPA merges artificial tissue with your god given tissue
To create hybrids and cyborgs
That you cannot recognize

They want everybody to have synthetic biology
And have been experimenting with super soldiers for years

Solutions include going barefoot and grounding with the earth
Shielding yourself with crystals copper and glitter
And enhancing your biofield by practicing spirituality

Tuning forks drums and cymbals disrupt artificial bio sensers
Avoid LED lights
Listen to music at 432 hertz frequency

Organs vibrate sound into your cells and recalibrates them
They reverberate sound through your heart invigorating the soul
Exceptionally loud colossal organs are the best

Sonoluminescence is light made from sound
Cymatic patterned windows are like frozen music with healing frequencies
They are portals that resonate life giving energy

Shine your light!