Reality is a dimension
We shift dimensions when we adjust our way of thinking and being

To that which is in alignment
With our soul purpose and true divine essence

As quality of thoughts emerge and vibratory quality increases
Liquid plasma light commences
Uncoiling the energy at the base of the spine or coccyx

Manifesting as a spiral of light
Each Kundalini current is a Trinity Wave that gathers consciousness energy
It then radiates out of the heart center as frequency

When integrating higher life energy
Mystical manifestation and spiritual awakening phases occur
Our real self as opposed to our programmed self arises

Kundalini waves are the first 9 of 15 waves that resonate through the chakra system
In the spectrum of frequency that correlates directly with universal waves
Which are connected to dimensions of time

The liquid plasma light or hydro plasma forms our blueprint
Which determines our aura or energy field

Most of the kundalini energy in our biofield is now dormant or distorted

Ascension is the change in the spectrum of frequency of the kundalini current
That runs up the central vertical column or spine into the crown chakra
And forms a vortex

The chakra system is designed to give us the ability
Through our consciousness
To shift from one reality to another!