We are the star of our own reality show
Assertively trying to gain digital attention
For a dopamine hit

We are absorbed in the digital lives
Of our social media accounts

Assuming a false identity to impress others
For ratings on updates and pictures

This is portrayed in the Nosedive episode of the series The Black Mirror

The Apple iPhone and Android cell phone both have the logo of an alien
Emerging from a black mirror which is your cell phone TV laptop or Tablet device
Device means devils vice
And the Sata hard drive is a euphemism for Satan

The Siri iPhone sees you
Siri equals Isis who is the all seeing eye
It knows what you are doing because of the demon looking through the black mirror

The black mirror is a conjuring device
It is a scrying mirror used in witchcraft

Entities need an electric current in which to ride on
With 5G technology and lunar waves spreading frequencies they can travel freely
From cell phone tower to cell phone tower
And directly into your cell phone
Giving them access to you

They also travel through optical fibers and coaxial cables for cable TV
Optical fiber cables are now being pushed for the internet

CERN is creating portals for these dark spirits to enter our realm

Our world is being overrun by malevolent spiritual forces
People remain willfully ignorant to their existence

Put your cell phone in a microwave oven and turn it on
Chances are you will see an entity arising out of it

The population is being pushed to the edge with psychological disorders from demonic influence
The vastly increasing homeless problem is a result

We need to constantly rethink the motivation behind our thoughts
And not to act upon the ones outside of our ethical boundaries

We are becoming their toys
Adapting to their temperaments and following their instructions
Most of the time we obey without the slightest clue

The cell phone is a demon house
And through it they tell you lies at night

When we get extremely angry or stay sad and depressed we please them
When we are negative they feel good

Careful when you look at your dark mirror
You might see a sinister face smiling back at you!