We are each our own universe
And our bodies are spectral interdimensional portals
Of God consciousness

Each portal is subject to its own interpretations
Of externally viewed events

As we experience that awareness
It allows a disconnection from the artificial intelligences
Existing within the 3D illusion

Congruent with our inner spirit
And connected to the Divine Source which is our Living Light Code
We color our own aura and ray spectrums

As we understand the energetic dynamics of the 3D matrix
That is descending into a more exaggerated version of itself
We seek to change the reality record

As the mass consciousness shifts the holographic architecture changes
And a new energetic platform emerges
That supports our new consciousness reality

We are a divine orchestra playing a symphony
Everyone has their note to play on the ascension timeline

As we respond to our sacred musical composition
We collaborately play beautiful music

The frequency impact of the unity source code
Will ripple throughout multiple dimensional fields

The vibrational consciousness of our realm or collective soul
Is reawakening to its spiritual essence

It has evolved beyond 3D frequencies
And will unify all life expressions

As our energy shifts to higher frequencies
We brighten and enhance our color wave spectrum!